Hiring The Best Web Design Agency in Miami

If you are looking for one common thread in the world of business, above all others, then web design could very well be it.  Indeed, irrespective of where you live or work in the world, if you own a business, or have a message you want to convey to the online world, then you’ll need a website. We live in an era where businesses, small, mid-size and major corporations alike cannot afford, not to have a website. Worse than that, they certainly cannot afford to have a poorly designed websies which would actually do more harm than not having any website at all. As such in all major cosmopolitan areas, the competition between web design agencies for business is fierce and choosing the best amongst these agencies can be a difficult process.  This is the case for the Miami Dade area, and if you work, live or do business with Miami, hiring the right Miami Web Design agency could prove to be as difficult as if you lived anywhere else in Florida, or the world for that matter.

If you are searching for a competent Web Designer in Miami,  then you could take a chance and hire a company you know nothing about, or you could choose an agency that is known for the quality of its work, is internationally recognized as a top rated digital company with a clear focus on customer usability and is known to provide designs that are actually affordable

Website design has undergone several changes in the past few years and none of these changes have been more important than the introduction of the WordPress platform. Known as a CMS, or content management system, a WordPress designed website can be as user friendly and easy to use as any business wants it to be, whilst retaining an technological edge over other website platforms.

The development tool of choice for up and coming wed agencies worldwide, WordPress offers everything a business may want and need, from simple designs to more complex applications. In the hands of a qualified and knowledgeable web designer, there is actually very little that cannot be achieved.

As experts in this field with over 20 years experience, Jacques, the ceo and creator of this very busy Web Development agency has over 20 years experience in designing websites. In the world of the Internet, 20 years might as well be a life time. Taken into a different context, when Jacques began designing websites, there was no such thing as google! Internet searches were at the predawn of their meteoric rise (and fall, I am looking at you, Infoseek and Altavista).

In those days, the tool of choice for designing websites was… notepad… and people who had spent their time programming in cobol discovered all of a sudden that there was a new kid in town and its name was html.

Twenty years later, html has grandfathered many iterations and with it, tools to make webdesign even more complex.

Exciting as it was to learn html coding, a website today is so much more than it ever was.  In order words, learning basic html is only the beginning or a long learning curve, and if they want to design modern websites, today’s designers have to learn a lot of different techniques including html5, css, css3 and more.

They have to know (or attempt to know) how the search engines work, what makes a website rank above any other site, how to keep a visitor engaged, and ultimately how to convert a visitor into a buying customer.

Free is not free at all: In today’s world, it is not uncommon to find advertising for  free website designs, and whilst we all look to save a buck or two in our day to day life, going the free way always ends up costing a lot of money.

I have so many clients who come to me after they realized that they don’t actually own the sites they created (on one of those so called free website platforms) and that in many case any improvement they wish to make to their sites comes with strings attached.  ie… it costs money. Many times, porting the content of their site to a domain that they actually own, and which they can control can be more difficult than designing a website from scratch.

If you need a website, and you’ve seen the ads on your television screen about how you can get yours for free, consider this: How much are these companies paying the television networks for these ads? And how can they afford to pay for these ads if the services they offer is really free. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture.

There is so much more about designing a website and if you want to start the process the right way, then the only thing we can tell you is to do your homework, talk to various designers, ask them questions about ownership, access to the back end, costs and more and then call Miami Web Design. Jacques will answer all the questions you might have, and will give you a free web consultation so that if you were to select his agency for the design of your website, then you will have done so knowing exactly what to expect.